Reading response1

Laurel Schwulst mentioned in her article that for now happiness and enjoyment are not the priorities of the big companies, instead that their websites are filled with advertisements. When I looked at her sentences, she said that the website could always be surprising and incomplete. I am beginning to built my own imaging website, I think the begging of this website could be a door, after open this door you will go to a new place, let’s imagine it would be the earth,after you click the earth it will bring you to another new place, but somewhere that related to earth. You’ll never know where the next place is, but somehow the next place is related to the last place. I hope people can enjoy themselves on this website, and discover it like a unknown deposit.

Reading response2

I was inspired by Taeyoon’s sentence that “if we can wire electronics to make our computer, can we wire the urban space to make our own city?” I did this sketch, I imagined a website that people can click the buildings or the roads to make their own city. You can also arrange the inside of a house. This sketch is abstract, you can replace the items by any other elements.

Reading response3

“A friend is writing” website is highly creative. It shows me the interactivity of the modern internet conversations. I think there could be a website that you can create your own character and use this character to chat with the others. And it doesn’t have to be your friend, you can randomly be pair with the other people. And people can just enjoy this little world.

Reading response4

This is the response for "The Good Room". A website should not only looks good, but also makes people feels good. So I want to design a website about space adventure, to let people really feel that they are exploring the space. And every divided site would be a new world to be explored.